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How can I maintain cubicle hardware?

It is imperative that all hardware is cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that the decorative and protective properties of the coating are retained and that moving parts provide years of trouble free operation. Surfaces must be inspected regularly and any scratches/chips or other damage repaired as soon as possible to prevent corrosion of the base substrate and potential failure of the coating*

How can I maintain cubicle hardware?


Cleaning coated or anodised surfaces



Usual maintenance of coated/anodised products can be done with an appropriate cleaning product, followed by clear water rinsing and wiping using a soft cloth. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge.



Cleaning products

Before cleaning, the cleaning agent’s datasheet must be consulted.

Usual maintenance can be done using water with mild detergent whose pH value falls between 5 & 8.

In no circumstance should any abrasive cleaner or polish, or any cleaner containing ketones or esters be used.



The frequency of cleaning depends in part on the standard of appearance that is required, the volume of traffic using the facility and also the requirements to remove deposits, which could, during prolonged contact with either the powder film or the metal substrate, (if exposed) cause damage.



  1. Lubricate the hinge risers monthly with light non-toxic grease (food grade grease is recommended) to enjoy a long and trouble free life.


  1. The fittings should be cleaned at least once a fortnight to maintain their finish and ensure that cubicles appear clean and dirt free.


  1. Check the operation of the indicator bolt, if it is sticking or tight remove and clean before lubricating with grease as per step 1. In particularly harsh environments such as showers, a build-up of soap deposits can eventually lead to the lock seizing. Regular maintenance will prevent this from happening.


  1. It is imperative to maintain all hardware and bench seating, ensuring cleaning processes, machines or mops are not brought into contact with the metalwork. Any scratches to the paintwork should be reported/repaired & logged immediately to prevent the onset of corrosion. Failure to comply with this requirement will invalidate any warranty relating to corrosion or the effect of corrosion on the performance of the goods. Please see our separate guide for care and maintenance of powder coated and plastic components.


  1. Important Note – aggressive acid or alkali  cleaning agents such as sani-acid or Mr Muscle  which are commonly used must not be used to clean powder coated frames or hardware!



Failure to adhere to these instructions will invalidate any guarantee. It is your responsibility to ensure correct cleaning and maintenance procedures are introduced to protect and ensure trouble free performance of the installation.