Double Island Frame

Double Island Frame Double Island Frame
Double Island Frame
Double Island Frame

Similair to a single island frame, the double island frame incorporates an additional upright section to mount a back rest and hat and coat hook rail. This frame is normally placed freestanding on the floor, or extending from a wall. The back to back seating arrangement makes optimal use of floor space. Usually combined with the single island and cantilever or wall mount frames to complete the room.

The frame is assembled to the next frame using a special tie bar. Long lengths can be built by adding additional frames and tie bars. Where specific room sizes need to be accomodated, it is necessary for the tie bars to be manufactured to order. Our technical team are able to calculate the exact sizes for you.

The frame is supplied with adjustable feet and fixing down brackets as well as special floor anchors which are used to secure the seat once it is in position.

The frame will accomodate 13mm thick compact laminate seat material or alternatively wooden seats such as mahogany or ash.

The frames should be mounted no more than one metre apart to ensure the seat material does not break under extreme loading.

The frame is fitted with a seperate top mounting plate. This plate has three pairs of mounting holes for the seat material.

All fixings are included in the pack and full installation instructions are available. ALM use the highest quality material in the construction of their bench seating, a combination of 1.6mm thick ERW tube and CR4 steel plate is used to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Once fabricated, all parts are processed through a three stage powder coating process guaranteeing maximum corrosion resistance and longevity of service. 

The frames are available from stock in a black textured powder coat finish. Other colours can be provided with minimal impact on lead time.

Order Codes

BSF04P01 Chameleon Double Island Seat Frame (Black ER1592SGT)

BSFTBP01 Chameleon Seat Frame Tie Bar (Black ER1592SGT) Specify Length or call for assistance.

BSF04P02 Chameleon Double Island Seat Frame (Other PPC)

BSFTBP02 Chameleon Seat Frame Tie Bar (Other PPC) Specify length or call for assistance

Not suitable for use in a continuously “wet” environment i.e. Poolside or shower cubicles. Failure to comply with care & maintenance instructions (available on request) will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

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