Indicator Bolts

Indicator Bolts Faceplate
Indicator Bolts

Designed for pre-school children, the Childsplay range of hardware uses bright primary colours, providing a visual stimuli and helping to eliminate the fear of a childs first use of a cubicle.

This lock features and easy to use slide action, and a coin operated emergency release method. In an emergency simply use the edge of a coin to release the lock.

Supplied in a multi-coloured powder coated finish with the option of a ABC123 screen printed face plate to add a touch of fun and continue the learning opportunities.

The lock is suitable for board thicknesses of 12-13mm & 17-21mm and is supplied with all necessary fixings enabling quick and easy installation.

Full installation and drilling details can be supplied on request.

Order Codes

IB2PRAD1213CP   -   IB2 Childsplay Indicator Bolt (12-13mm)

IB2PRAD1721CP   -   IB2 Childsplay Indicator Bolt (17-21mm)

IB2PRAD1213CPSP  -  IB2 Childsplay Indicator Bolt with printed face plate (12-13mm)

IB2PRAD1721CPSP  -  IB2 Childsplay Indicator Bolt with printed face plate (17-21mm)

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