Mensa - deluxe flush wall, full height cubicles

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Flush & Floating majestically, MENSA offers simple, clean lines to offer the “WOW” factor to any washroom

Using the latest Gemini Cubic-LED™ Lock Technology, the MENSA Cubicle system offers the most up to date flush fronted cubicle system on the market.

Mensa offers the opportunity to satisfy the most discerning clients at an affordable cost, this flush fronted cubicle system provides you with multiple options,

· Full floor to ceiling possible

· Full height doors or over panels

· Fully floating wall for that “wow” effect

· Floor mounted option for maximum durability

· Each one has its own merits and allows you to custom build the cubicle to suit multiple requirements from a range of different thickness materials.

Incorporating the unique Gemini Cubic-LED™ Lock which emits a bright and vivid red light signalling that the cubicle is occupied.

Our design team can work with you all the way, simply send us a sketch or drawing with the   overall room dimensions and we’ll specify the system, detail all the parts for ease of  identification  and even calculate the panel sizes if you want us to.

Indicator Bolt Options

· ALM IB14 lever turn lock in stainless steel or powder coated finish, with smooth action turn lock.

· ALM IB9 lever lock with spherical face plate.

· ALM Gemini Cubic-LED™ Lock with a bright light emitting LED.

· All locks include an emergency release facility.


Floor Mounting Options

· Partitions and fascia's can be rebated and sat on aluminium rails to provide a cubicle which is fitted to the floor for added privacy.

· Alternatively, the partitions can be mounted on set back low level legs to give a ‘floating’ effect to the front wall of the cubicles.

Wall Fixing Options

· Partitions can be ‘grooved’ and mounted on a hidden “T” section rail (left).

· Full length wall and floor channels for maximum privacy (right).

· Alternatively, channel brackets can be used  where wall mounted services need to be avoided.

Hinge Options

· Rise and fall butt hinges ensure the doors are perfectly aligned with the fascia's to maintain the plush feel of the system.

· Hidden Outward opening hinges are fitted to the rebate of the door/fascia. 


ALM offer a full design and consultation process so you can rest assured your needs will be fully met and were always on hand to offer technical and site installation support.

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