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In 2010, the British government repealed the Disability Discrimination Act and  replaced it with the Equality Act 2010 (except for Northern Ireland).

Equality means everyone having the same opportunities to use the facilities provided, regardless of the physical or mental challenges they face in everyday life.

Our technical team are available to provide guidance and assistance to ensure you follow the latest guidelines on Equality when it comes to commercial wash, change and toilet cubicles. Please call us and let us help you now.

The following ALM Ability packs have been put together to allow you to adapt  standard cubicles to make them more accessible, in line with guidance from the   building regulations 2010 and the Sport England Guidelines.

The packs are mainly concerned with the grab rails and do not cover the sanitary ware and welfare provisions also covered by the guidelines i.e. mirrors, washbasins, wc pans.


Why should I choose to buy my kits from ALM

· ALM ability aids are specifically adapted to mount on compact grade or laminate faced MDF/Chipboard.

· Each kit is designed to provide the correct number of grab handles and fold down rails to comply with the minimum requirements laid out in the Sport England  document dated 2010 “Accessible Sports Facilities.”

· Grab handles can be fitted with the ALM designed through   fixing cap, this permits the fixing of the handles to the partition material and eliminates the danger of the screws pulling out when under load.

· The drop down handles include a fold out floor support and ALM designed through fixing plate. This means you can safely mount the rails on to duct panelling and as with the grab handles be confident the handle will not fail under load.

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