Lesley Thompson

Lesley Thompson

Were extremely proud that our team, some of whom have been with us since the company was formed, are like family members and always have the interests of the company at heart, as such my role in HR is more of a supportive role, ensuring that everyone is happy and motivated and looking after their welfare when things might not be going to plan both at work and at home. 

As a family business with Tony and both our sons working here together as well as me, I try to keep everyone on the same track (not always easy!). I'm really happy that I get to spend time with the family and fortunately, we all get on really well both at home and at work.

When I'm not acting as an Agony Aunt or keeping the boys on track, my main role within ALM is to keep an eye on the finances, making sure you, our customers are paying your bills on time, taking action occasionally when credit terms are exceeded without prior agreement, paying our suppliers and ensuring that the team receive their wages on time and correctly every week or month.

Outside of work I spend most of my time looking after the three of them, whether that’s in the support vehicle if they are rallying, washing muddy clothes when they go off road motorcycling and generally following them around tidying up!