Daniel Thompson

Production Engineer
Daniel Thompson

It's my responsibility to maintain the lowest possible manufacturing cost in our facility here in the North East. We use some of the most modern CNC and Robotic machine tools, manufacturing parts day & night, even when everyone has gone home to bring you bespoke products at a competitive price.

I've been involved in the business since I was a baby in my car seat, spending hours (allegedly) watching Mum, Dad and Grandad setting up our second factory! Ever since, I've always been interested in engineering and manufacturing so it was only natural I suppose that I would eventually become part of the family business.

I really enjoy the challenges of maintaining our position as a competitive manufacturer based in the UK, working with leading machine tool manufacturers and tooling suppliers to chase out every aspect of unnecessary cost. With LEAN initiatives always top of our agenda, there is never a dull moment and things are always being changed for the better. We now have four machining cells which manufacture components throughout the night and at weekends when the factory is deserted and this along with our almost obsessive focus on cost reduction helps us offer you a range of British made products at a price which allows you to win those competitive tenders.

Every job is different and because we make and powder coat everything ourselves, it is easy for us to design bespoke parts quickly, manufacture them and get them to you in a very short space of time, sometimes overnight!

Outside of work I compete as a driver in rallying, driving my home built and prepared Subaru, off road motorcycling, motorcycle track days and skiing, like the rest of the males in our family, anything that involves speed and adrenalin.

I do hope you find time to visit ALM and see how your products are produced competitively in the UK