Tony Thompson

Managing Director
Tony Thompson

I can’t believe that it was 1994 when I started ALM. I had a vision that I wanted to deliver “awesome” service, delivering products overnight, providing marketing, sales and most importantly, technical support to you, the customer.

The business has transformed since the early days, our production area is now full of modern CNC machinery, capable of producing parts without human intervention, with robotics and fully automated machines running through the night in complete darkness, it is this focus on innovation which allows us to remain a competitive UK based manufacturer. By making everything in-house, we can adapt products easily and quickly to suit non-standard applications, we can adapt to fluctuations in demand instantly and don’t have to worry about a container which might or might not arrive for weeks!

I’m extremely proud of my whole team, there flexible approach to the demands of you, our customers, means we can increase or decrease capacity almost instantly, ensuring our 100% on time delivery target is maintained regardless of workload.

It was never my intention to create a family business however, I now have the support of Lesley, my wife looking after the finance and HR roles, Matthew my eldest son is now in our commercial department looking after your interests and my other son Daniel is our production engineer, responsible for maintaining our competitive costs in UK based manufacturing.

Outside of work I enjoy competing as a driver in Rallies, motorcycling both on and off road, skiing, walking and spending time with the family looking after their motorcycles and rally cars!